Search Advertising

Google Ads Click-to-Call

Track conversion back to keywords for both desktop & mobile click-to-call extensions.

NICE inContact

Use customer context and intent to customize and prioritize every interaction.
Search Advertising

Google Ads PPC

See what PPC Ads are driving conversions.
Dynamic Tag Management

Google Tag Manager

Use Lucency’s Custom Template to integrate into your customer-facing website.
Bid Management

Marin Software

Report phone calls and conversions to Marin Software to optimize digital marketing campaigns.


Easily improve profitability through customizing the customer journey.
Web Analytics

Google Analytics

Send conversion and customer journey data in Google Analytics.

Amazon Connect

Easily implement Lucency into Amazon Connect.
Search Advertising

Microsoft Advertising

Connect ad campaigns to offline conversions for Microsoft Ads.
Social Media


Connect both outbound and inbound Facebook campaigns to offline call data and conversions.
Data Visualization

ClearView Live

View all telephony platform, marketing, and Lucency data in one place with ClearView.
Social Media


Bring all offline call data and conversions into the Instagram platform.

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