Understand your Customer's Intent

Apply customer context to understanding the intent of your customer before they arrive in the contact center.

Customer Intent

Help your sales agents by knowing what the customer wants and needs before they begin the conversation.


No longer wait until after the conversation to understand the journey and outcomes. Do it in Real-Time.

Priority Routing

Reduce the friction by getting the right customer to the right agent in the right priority.

Caller Profiles

Caller profiles aggregates all online and offline journeys for the client into one profile. Use caller profiles to reduce fraudulent callers, decrease secret shoppers and prioritize first call resolution issues to a top tier support team. Every journey and customer is different so why should you treat them the same?

Customer Segments

Do not create traditional segments based upon marketing source, channel, and geolocation. Create segments based upon customer journey behavior that is important to your business. For instance, reduce friction for customers in the check out path and bypass the IVR and route directly to a specialized check out abandon team.

Journey Scores

Lucency’s journey scores creates a score based upon the customer journey and the propensity to complete the sale. The customer is scored in real-time before they reach even your contact center. With journey scores and customer context you have the missing pieces to increase your conversions and revenue.

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