Delivering Customer Context to Your Platform

Lucency’s customer context platform delivers the customer’s journey in real-time. Collect and gather what you need, when you need it, and deliver this to your platform and agents.
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What is Customer Context?

It is the whole situation of customer’s journey in real-time. Context goes way beyond pages viewed, time on page, and device type. You choose what is relevant for your business and track that for each customer. It is about opening a more granular understanding of your customer, anticipating their needs, wants, expectations and creating a more customized relevant experience.

Watch conversions and revenue skyrocket using customer context

Giving your agents the ability to see what the customer has viewed online allows them to focus more on fulfilling the customer’s needs. Both conversions and revenue increase dramatically when agents can focus on closing the sale versus asking basic questions the customer has already answered. Take your chat and phone calls to a new level.

Decrease the time your customer's need to spend in conversation

When you know the customer’s online journey, you have the power to create the ultimate customer experience in the least amount of time. This leaves you not only with more time for answering more calls, but with time to obtain new details to make better customer connections. Better connections always lead to better results.

Increase the satisfaction of every customer interaction

Change the traditional experience for your customers. Do not make them wait on hold. Do not make them repeat themselves. Do not make your agents guess what the customer’s needs and wants are. Using context through chat and phone calls creates more enjoyable experiences for every customer.

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