Call Tracking & Analytics

We close the call tracking and attribution loop between marketing and contact centers – so you can maximize your revenue and profitability.

What is Call Tracking?

It tracks the customer experience from their online interactions all the way through their contact center experience. This allows product managers, marketers and contact center operators to create customized experiences for each visitor while increasing profitability.


Lucency applies the benefits of multi-channel call tracking to all departments, whether it be sales, customer support, retention, fraud prevention, sms, chat or email. Lucency can help reduce call handle times, improve customer satisfaction and retention and increase revenues across the whole organization.

For Contact Centers

  • Boost conversions and revenue by delivering customer context for every chat or phone call to your agents
  • Understand conversion and revenue for both chats and calls handled by agent
  • Reduce call handle time by knowing your customer's needs and wants before the conversation begins
  • Dynamically route callers to agents with the highest propensity to convert
  • Reduce secret shoppers and fraudulent callers with Lucency Caller Profiles

For Marketers

  • Include call conversions and revenue in your analytics for more accurate ROAS analysis
  • Make smarter campaign optimization decisions to drive more revenue-generating calls
  • Link offline channels, including sms, email and chat, to marketing campaigns and phone conversions
  • Drive more high-value, high-converting calls
  • Measure the performance of all touch points in the customer experience

For Product Owners

  • Maximize online conversion rate by understanding every website visit, every interaction and every call
  • Prioritize "high value callers" to call in at the most profitable time
  • Maintain visibility over every step in the customer experience, both online and offline
  • Efficient and light integration with ready to use APIs and SDK
  • Show marketing where calls are generated from, what campaigns are driving revenue

Get started with Lucency

See what Lucency’s technology platform can do for your marketing, contact center and product teams.


See what the customer is seeing through their entire customer journey, from website to chat to phone. See is it all in real-time.


Discover what marketing and customer journey data points are driving chats and phone calls. Connect these to conversion and revenue for greater insights into customer behaviors.


Customize marketing and the customer experience, both online and offline, to maximize both online revenue per visitor and offline revenue per call. Look beyond basic conversion reporting and focus on optimizing revenue and profit.