More Conversions. Increased Revenue. Customized Customer Experiences.

Understand the customer journey from marketing to digital to contact center through Lucency’s real-time customer context platform. Create customized customer experiences that increase satisfaction, conversion, and revenue. Be more profitable and efficient with every interaction.
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Call Tracking & Attribution

No more guessing on how to connect contact center interactions and sales back to marketing spend. Now you can track all conversions and revenue, both digital and contact center, in real time and maximize your profitability.

Customer Context

Give your agents, whether chat or voice, the tools to see what the client is seeing in real-time. No guessing. No asking redundant questions. No unhappy customers. Watch conversions skyrocket and customer satisfaction balloon.

Journey Scores

Ever wonder how to prioritize every contact center interaction? Use customer segmentation and journey scores to make real-time decisions to customize the customer experience and match the right conversation to the right agent.

Case Studies

See why customers love Lucency. Dive into the nitty-gritty of our previous projects. Explore their goals and see how Lucency Delivered on them.

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